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Mkhulu Omkhulu (I Am God)

First released on Vinyl in November 2021 was a global success and sold out in a month with amazing reviews from international music lovers and the South African Vinyl community , at the same time brought Cool affair Records a new fan base that we intend to keep and grow with.

Mkhulu Omkhulu EP Vinyl 

Cool Affair Records in collaboration with Soul Print Records embarked on a quest to put Cool Affair's Music on Vinyl for the first time and it was an unforeseen success, What mattered the most was making sure the project was well mastered and pressed well as the vinyl community is known for its sensitivity towards records that aren't good quality not forgetting that this EP is already well arranged when it comes to track selection.

Mkhulu Omkhulu was inspired by the power of self hence the title (I am God) meaning..

G. Generator 

O. Organizer

D. Dispensary of my reality

Named after three featured songs within the EP , it is also available on bandcamp for the digital heads.

You can expect more vinyl releases every year going forward , however very limited numbers will be pressed.